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Copy editing: How do I punctuate my dialogue? Is that soul or sole? Should I use reigns or reins or rains? Where do I put the apostrophe? Are all the place names accurate? Does my character have blue eyes in chapter one and brown eyes in chapter five? Copy editing is more than simply proofreading, and it cannot be accomplished with a spellcheck program. My work includes checking your manuscript for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and then proofreading for consistency. It does not include style or substance revisions or re-writing. Fee: $40/hr. Substantive editing: Is my story engaging? Do my characters come alive? Are my explanations clear to the reader? Have I used precise vocabulary? Does it flow? This is sometimes called style editing. It includes copy editing as above plus changes to style or content. I examine the structure, pace and clarity of your work and suggest changes. This may involve re-writing. Substantive editing requires much consultation with you and is well worth it. Fee: $50/hr. Manuscript critique: I can assess your manuscript for style, shape, interest, and major recurring errors. My assessment includes a written critique plus time spent together going over my suggestions. You take your manuscript away and make your changes. Fee: Dependent on length and complexity - between $300 - $400. Self publishing: I can help your manuscript on the road to self-publishing. The concept of paying to have a company publish your work has lost some of the stigma associated with vanity press. Publishing technology improvements make it a practical and affordable choice. Many terrific books have been published independently and then picked up later by a trade publisher. But when you self-publish, it is more important than ever to hire a skilled editor because you will not receive the benefit of a trade publisher's editing service. Edit BEFORE you publish; not spend a lifetime regretting a book full of mistakes. I have no business connections with self-publishing companies but could recommend some steps in that direction based on clients' experiences. Fee: As determined in advance. What I can't do: Almost nothing.   But seriously... in the end the responsibility for your work rests with you. It is your baby. I can't get you published through a trade publisher. Being published is a phenomenon dependent on many variables: quality of your work and of your query letter, timing, resonance with the publisher and above all, persistence. When discouraged I always think of what a mentor once said to me: "New books are published all the time." I am not experienced as a poetry editor. I can appraise poetic themes and comment on your message or presentation but any critique of meter and methodology should be tackled by a scholar of poetry.

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